Circular Saws

TDT-035 Tractor Mounted Circular Saw

TDT-035 Traktör Arkası Daire Testere



TDT-035 Daire Testere

Diamond Circle Diameter: 40cm

Max. Cutting Depth: 15cm

22 Hp

Weight: 60 Kg

Options: Sliding Props

  • Model : TDT-035
  • Motor Power : 22 Hp
  • Drive Motor : Tractor Driven
  • Diamond Circle Diameter : 40 Cm
  • Max. Cutting Depth : 15 Cm
  • Table Dimensions : 78 X 68
  • Width X Length X Height : 78 X 68 X 81 Cm
  • Transport : Tractor With 3 Hitch Hydraulic Arms
  • Weight : 60Kg
  • Options : Sliding Prop are optional. Ask for price.
  • Warranty : 2 Years
Product Description

For your wood needs, the diamond circular saw on it, with its self-powered and gasoline engine and tractor-driven options, provides a practical solution with its powerful chassis and wide bench. It can also be used in bone-cutting operations by mounting a flat blade circular saw instead of a diamond circular saw.

Our circular saws, manufacturing to cut wood, are driven from the tractor tail shaft. Our saws are offered in two different models, with sliding prop and straight. Sliding prop (planer type) model, which does not require precise measurement like yutong cutting, meat, bone, etc. it allows you to cut other operations such as by installing a suitable cutter, diamond-tipped circular saw is used. It can also be manufactured in desired sizes.

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Tractor Mounted Circular Saw


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