Power Tiller

ŞİM 200B Power Tiller

ŞİM 200B


Şimşek 300B Çapalama Makinesi Aydınmaksan

Engine Power : 6.5Hp Gasoline

Working Depth: 20cm

Weight: 90 Kg

Handlebar: Adjustable(Vertical and Horizontal)

Gear: 2 forward, 1 reverse

  • Model : ŞİM200B
  • Engine Power :6,5Hp Gasoline
  • Starter: Starter Rope
  • Gear: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Working Width : 90cm
  • Working Depth: 20cm
  • Handlebar: Adjustable(Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Headlight: Not Available
  • Standard Equipment:90cm Anchor Group
  • Weight: 90 Kg

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