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TDO-700 Traktör Arkası Dal Öğütme Makinesi


WOOD CHIPPER with Rotable Discharge Chimney - 45 HP

TDO-700 Traktör Arkası Dal Öğütme Makinesi

360° Movement Angle Chimney System

Feeding Diameter: Max. 13 cm

Blades Number and Type: 4 (3 Movable +1 stable) all are sharpenable type

Weight: 625 Kg

Min. 35Hp Tractor Power

  • Model : TDO-700
  • Minimum Tractor Power : Min. 35Hp Tractor Power
  • Number of Blades : 3 Sharpenable Knives / 1 Fixed Sharpened Knife
  • Capacity : Max. 13 Cm
  • Feeding : Driven System with Hydraulic Speed Control
  • Feeding Hopper Size (HxL) :65x90cm
  • Discharge System : 360° Movement Angle Chimney System
  • Wheels : NONE
  • Width x Length x Height : 122 X 195 X 165 Cm
  • Weight : 625 Kg
  • Warranty : 2 Years
Product Description

AYDINMAKSAN TDO-700 Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper is designed to turn 13 cm diameter branches into sawdust. Thanks to the hydraulic drive feeding system, the speed can be adjusted according to the thickness of the branches to be broken down, and at the same time, the driver ball has the rotation direction and the ability to stop instantly while the branches are fed to the machine, so that the grinding process can be carried out at maximum diameter without tiring your tractor. At the same time, the fact that the driver can be stopped instantly provides an advantage in terms of work safety. The exit chimney can be rotated 360 ° to direct the chips in the right direction. It can be folded during transportation. Power is transmitted to the shredder through the tractor PTO shaft, it is driven by a tractor of 45hp and above. Optionally, our TDO-700 NS (NO STRESS) model can increase the grinding diameter up to 17 cm with the automation-controlled hydraulic system on it, while there is no increase in the workload that your tractor has to bear.

AYDINMAKSAN Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper allows the collected wastes such as pruned tree branches, leaves, grass-meadow, twigs to be split into small pieces and turn them into chips. Behind the Tractor Chipping and Shredding Products obtained by grinding plant wastes are kept for 3-4 months and then fermented and become ready to spread on the soil surface.

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Tractor Mounted Wood Chipper


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